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    Breach Recruiting | We're Back!

    Didn't you get banned for cheating on vaelox? lol
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    Factions Suggestion to the owners (important)

    We have no intention to mislead the players for our own gain. We have been trying to come forward with more information but its kind of all built around our next major update which has required a lot of work from Bestle and Swifteh. I would love to tell you and the rest of the community more but...
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    Factions Personal opinion on Factions' current state

    Trust me when I say we have created many ways to slow down raiding and we will make sure through play testing that raiding is fair.
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    You really are insucre and unconfident.

    You really are insucre and unconfident.
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    Faction name / Tag Reservation.

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    Natural balances in the game.

    Are you not describing every video game sequel? Bestle depends on his earnings from coding plugins to make a living. If you can really blame him for having several servers that both lasted years then I don't know what to tell you. And all that is ignoring the hundreds of hours our devs have put...
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    Natural balances in the game.

    Why not just allow the map to go as long as there is comp? I think it would be rather short sided to pick a flat date when we have 0 evidence the map will even last that long if not last beyond the length set.
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    what does that even mean?

    what does that even mean?
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    Factions No short map lengths

    So its completely impossible that the reason why people quit could be because they would rather start fresh than continue an up hill battle?
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    Woodycraft Players

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    lol @ everyone playing

    I bet you wouldnt know the difference between a drop and a loot cache
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    Nostalgia Guide - Top 5 Alltime Fractions

    @Barney Baited
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    No, we have adopted Satan as our savior.

    No, we have adopted Satan as our savior.