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    Original Gontroller Names

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    bim bam boom

    bim bam boom
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    Other Cannot connect

    You really live up to your name @FkingAutistic
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    im here fuckers

    im here fuckers
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    Faction name / Tag Reservation.

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    Welcome (back) to Gontroller

    oh ur alive? im surprised most of the oldies are back here. Shit its been years
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    Factions news

    shit fam
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    Welcome (back) to Gontroller

    Ah, the nostalgia @Glitch_Sack
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    I got on when @QeBi invited me to play with this shitty guy called @divider_of_zero. Me and Qebi aka Stuart used to play on Scavanger craft together. With Sophie, god i miss her :(
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    What could bestle possibly be working on?

    fuck off
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    thanks from caine

    Fack u this is copyright material!!
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    Activity rewards

    The "I need more Tokens" game is on point
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    Thanks from Woody

    I laike turls
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    Thanks from Woody

    Happpy birthday @Glitch_Sack