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  1. AJ4314

    don't vote bill shorten

    don't vote bill shorten
  2. AJ4314

    Nostalgia Guide (2) - Top 10 Players of Alltime ?

    coffeebreak3 was a grinder king
  3. AJ4314

    Breach Recruiting | We're Back!

    Breach is fucking gay
  4. AJ4314

    Woodycraft Players

    whats up cunt
  5. AJ4314

    Ignore this if you don't know me

    mason you fuck skype me sometime
  6. AJ4314

    Bestle/Skeggs don't care anymore

  7. AJ4314

    Ignore this if you don't know me

    LOL i did it every time you ran into your little fucking trap... lol the good old days, me and PJ had a good laugh
  8. AJ4314

    Ignore this if you don't know me

    Krypt zergs were op oath I remember booting you offline :3
  9. AJ4314

    Ignore this if you don't know me

    lol the man the myth the legend... how you been?
  10. AJ4314

    Ignore this if you don't know me

    Just wondering if any of you dickheads do the same as me and still log into the forums and look at whats been happening? Miss you cunts! We never stayed in touch :( @_Rape @aussiegunit @gir99 and william Algid wherever you're at you sly ban evading dog @Zurbey Dalton
  11. AJ4314

    Post Your CS:GO Inventory!

    I'll give you an overlord account, for 2 awp asiis
  12. AJ4314

    Post Your CS:GO Inventory!

    I'll give an overlord account for some nice skins
  13. AJ4314

    Factions Ban Report : itzperplex

    I see your point about buying accounts however I'm not trying to get it back. Since the account was in my possession, and now it has been 'hacked' to say, then it should be reasonable to ban the account. This has been how it has worked in the past when peoples accounts were compromised and it is...
  14. AJ4314

    Factions Ban Report : itzperplex

    1092CQ on the basis that the account was in my possession and was 'compromised' technically can I still request for it to be banned on the server?
  15. AJ4314

    Factions Ban Report : itzperplex

    Well we were allies and he was a trusted and well known member of the community. What a little fucking cunt, he could at least give me some of the money back. This is why I quit minecraft, fucking assholes. Don't see this shit happening on league.
  16. AJ4314

    Factions Ban Report : itzperplex

    That should deserve a ban then? Real life fraud...
  17. AJ4314

    Factions Ban Report : pokemaster2005

    Your Minecraft Username: AJ4314 Player(s) reported: pokemaster2005 Reason for reporting: FF Evidence: Key times to watch: Whole video
  18. AJ4314

    Factions Ban appeal : AJ4314

    Username: AJ4314 Disconnect Message: porn links Date of ban: 23/03/14 Appeal: I posted this today link removed <---- CAUTION DO NOT CLICK IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SEE A GOREY PICTURE OF SOMEONE BEING IMPALED THIS IS BEING LINKED AS COUNTER-EVIDENCE ONLY. I was trying to gross out my faction...
  19. AJ4314

    Factions Ban Report : aayoub99

    Your Minecraft Username: AJ4314 Player(s) reported: aayoub99 Reason for reporting: Ban Evading (Li0nX99) Evidence: Deserves an ip check. It seems suspicious that a player who quit ages ago who was in the same faction as a recently banned player li0n comes back at the same time he was...
  20. AJ4314

    Factions Ban Report : rileythabeast

    I deleted the video after seeing this ban report. Sorry. However its not hacks it is some kind of visual glitch. -1