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    Nostalgia Guide (2) - Top 10 Players of Alltime ?

    no mentions of titsandpussy??? ok guy
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    What is this shit

    The fact you took the time to write this says more about you than anything else lol. Looks like you got left behind :/ Must be fun typing out 500 word shit-posts on a dead forum/server.
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    is bestle dumb

    What even is the server? I mix of hcf and normal facs or what?
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    Post Your CS:GO Inventory!

    Wtf is that background? Something to do with having the new operation? Haven't really played cs recently
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    Post Your CS:GO Inventory!

    Had a ruby, got bored with it so i've just got keys sitting in my inv now
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    New Server?

    A bit earlier than that
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    Revamp gontroller?

    That's kinda ironic. Shame you weren't around when the community was at its best though. Would only consider coming back if cannons were nerfed alot, I tried 8.0 and I didn't have time or patience to grind out countless hours of defenses a day. Was best when you could last a map with 10 walls...
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    What are you guys up to?

    Arma 3 mainly, haven't been into csgo much recently.
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    post your csgo rank, inventory AND stats Unranked, haven't played MM in about 4 months
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    Where is Gontroller Hosted

    Its a good host worldwide. Dallas gives us aussies about 220ish ping, anywhere else it's usually 280+
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    What made gontroller fun for you guys?

    It was a great community, you could have alot of fun and it was just a good place to learn factions properly. I can't really say what drew me towards it fully but I stuck with the server like I never had before and still never have so something was right. Map 3 BrewerBros lasted the whole map...
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    100 ping is more than fine on cs :p
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    Post your internet connection

    Sorry, i'll tell our government to hurry the fuck up getting NBN to my town.
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    Factions Gontroller to date

    I don't have much on this pc, most of my better memories on this server are on a broken laptop (Think I have the hard-drive somewhere) but got a few youtube videos from late 2013-early 2014 Getting Arcuesect_2 banned End of 4.0 (?) blowing up a heap of tnt
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    Post your internet connection

    Yeah m8
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    Custom Crosshairs

    Or just, y'know
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    I'm talking about his stats at LAN/Online tournys. Ofc his overall will be good because he's a world class player. Didn't see your last msg. Cya I guess? xD K/D Doesn't mean shit to me nor most if not all good teams so I doubt i'll be boosting it any-time soon. :rolleyes: In-fact K/D is the most...
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    I mean I wouldn't judge peoples K/D off of a website like this as it is applied to ALL of CS:GO, comp or not. I'd rather judge it off of their results in league play or something. Then again, people like Freakazoid (Entry fragger for C9) Has really shitty stats but he is still a HUGE part of the...
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    To be fair K/D ratio doesn't mean much. It's more your accuracy and headshot percentage with those stats atleast. Like I said with K/D doesn't really mean much. I mainly play community servers where you die unnecessarily but that doesn't affect my hs and accuracy. I could probably bump that...