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  1. g33builder

    Raiding Survey

    Please fill out our newest survey when you get the chance! If you have any questions contact me on discord (g33builder#7954) or post a comment bellow. Thanks!
  2. g33builder

    Re-Purposing The "Waffle" defense

    As of news of the mid air stacker I have been working on a defense other than Wrap-Arounds to prevent this type of cannon. With reset around the corner I figure it's better to release this (And take credit for myself :p) than to let gontroller lose players because of having to build...
  3. g33builder

    New Voting Rewards!

    So throughout gt I've noticed that most rewards are the same for voting with the occasional original reward. So I thought for next month and coming up months we should share some new voting rewards. Comment below with ideas for new rewards that the players would like for coming up months. My...
  4. g33builder

    Buff Mcmmo! (Fishing)

    Remember back in the good old days were being a high level I'm fishing was amazing? Back then everyone had fishing huts were a faction could sit back and get loot while having engaging conversations with your faction mates. I believe a buffed and revamped fishing skill could be extremely...
  5. g33builder

    My Final 8.0 Suggestion List.

    My Final Suggestions for 8.0 Please note that most of these ideas are other players ideas that I had agreed with (I'm not trying to steal their ideas). * Cannoning I beleave that over Gontroller's last couple maps that cannons have advanced to the point of no return and there is not much we...