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  1. SadisticLemons


    Okay so I've had this take home test for the past month but i havent done it so help with these last four problems. first one who posts answers that are correct gets some shit i have on gontroller (will give alot) i havent done this shit since 7th grade so i forgot it : ( Solve the following...
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    Post your classes/grades VVVVV i'll post mine when i get on my phone and check
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    Girlfriend? or boyfriend if ur in the small percentile that is a girl

    Do you have a Girlfriend / boyfriend? If so write a brief description of them. random question im gay xDD The poll results are hidden so don't be SHY to check yes or NO
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    Congratulations @Sambuca @THExMist @Inspirable
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    School Classes you're in this year

    post the classes on your schedule my classes r PAP Chemistry Art I Conditioning / Weightlifting PAP Geometry Sociology PAP EnglishII Spanish II AP World History VVVVVVV
  6. SadisticLemons

    Factions Ban appeal : Lemons600

    Username: Lemons600 Previous Usernames: SadisticLemons, Fuckoala2 Disconnect Message: You have been banned from this server for Camping in lms Date of ban: 8/20/15 Appeal: I go up to camp for a second while I get tacos and Delta_Trooper bans me with literally no fucking warning in...
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    Factions Ban Report : Barney

    Your Minecraft Username: Lemons600 Player(s) reported: Barney Reason for reporting: ipad on keyboard Evidence: Key times to watch: THE WHOLE HECKING VIDEO
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    BUYING Hero Items and Hoppers

    I am buying tons of Hero Shit. I will buy them for these prices or we can discuss prices in game. Buying Hoppers for 16k/e Hero Helmets - 45k/e Hero Chestplates - Not Buying ATM Hero Leggings - 60k/e Hero Boots - Message me in game For all hero armor I will pay more if it found by more...
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    Factions Ban Report : shacx

    Your Minecraft Username: Lemons600 Player(s) reported: shacx Reason for reporting: iPad on Keyboard Evidence: Key times to watch:
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    Factions Ban Report : Mythic_wZ

    Your Minecraft Username: Lemons600 Player(s) reported: Mythic_wZ Reason for reporting: Tape on mouse Evidence: Key times to watch:
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    Enderchest ! ! ! !

    yeah share enderchest yada yada yada axes are all hero except 1 that is smite v unb 3 3 maxed, 3 sharp 1 stun 1%, 2 are unbreaking 3 stun 3%, axe in INV is stun 3% unb 3 All helmets are hero Swords are Sharp VI Fire II Poison II 4% 4 Emerald Crystals, Maxed Hero Bow, Enderman spawner, 2 hero...
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    I mean, you say I was dumb for giving Chaos the farm, but I don't regret it. and as far as the nether claims that was a shitbag move from you because I never did anything bad to harm the fav when I left- I left peacefully and had nothing to do with what Ethan did- if anything, you betrayed me...
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    Key Holder Drop Rates

    buff it plz farmed for 16 hours didn't get one tooth key.
  14. SadisticLemons

    Factions Ban Report : K1LL3R_M3N and Slime_Maker408

    Your Minecraft Username: SadisticLemons Player(s) reported: K1LL3R_M3N and Slime_Maker408 Reason for reporting: They were teaming in last man standing the whole time and I started recording it once I died at the end. This was a 1 day ban previously so I think they should be banned for a...
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    1v1 Arenas

    Uhhh, WHEN are they coming??? :( I've been waiting and I thought Koths/1v1 j would be added. @1092CQ @Bestle @Skeggs @xkmankidx
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    gontroller 8.0 episode 3!!

    rly good episode guys!! worth the watch !!
  18. SadisticLemons

    gontroller 8.0 episode 2!!

    !!! yeah!!!! woo hoo !1111!
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    gontroller 8.0 episode 1!!!!

    rly excited guys!!
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    Currently, the two reset dates are May 22nd and June 19th and these dates suck major whale cock. i love 1092cq Tbh I would think it's better for a reset on a Saturday or Sunday instead of a week day because there would be more players to make the server look better and it'd be convenient. Also...