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    Welcome (back) to Gontroller

  4. isurdell

    BUYING Tooth Keys and Emerald Crystals

    prices negotiable but somewhere around 300k for tooth and 150k for emerald
  5. isurdell

    BUYING P4 Sets

    ill sell all day just msg me in game
  6. isurdell

    SELLING God Apples

    Have a stack of god apples to sell, 5k each, slightly cheaper in bulk. MSG me in game or on forums.
  7. isurdell

    Archon Recruitment Thread

    Retard kids betrayed. /thread pls
  8. isurdell

    Archon Recruitment Thread

  9. isurdell

    Velocity Betrayed

    Hard to call this a betrayal when everyone in the faction leaves except the leader, but w/e call it what you want
  10. isurdell

    Velocity Betrayed

    Yay I'm #1!!
  11. isurdell

    Lost 8.0

    IGN: isurdell Age: 18 Rank: WarLord Time Zone: CST TS/Skype? (Required): Yes, I have both - I'll be on teamspeak and Skype whenever I'm on unless I'm doing something else that is important. Past accounts/names?: Only isurdell How many secure alts do you have?: I have 4 secured alts - I am...
  12. isurdell

    Factions Ban Report : Bananafarm_

    There isn't a real difference between a major glitch and a minor glitch in my eyes, the difference is intent, and he clearly had the intention to get inside the chest to cause an explosion that is not obtainable through normal means. Seems like a temp ban to me.
  13. isurdell

    Factions Ban Report : isurdell

    He's a rebel and a spy, take him away!
  14. isurdell

    Factions Ban Report : isurdell

    I didn't do it. #noproof
  15. isurdell

    Factions Ban Report : Yellow_yeti

    +1 hes heckin hard
  16. isurdell

    Factions Ban Report : PandaNinja223

    I forgot sarcasm and jokes dont work over the internet ): Seriously though, how can you be mad at a panda?
  17. isurdell

    Factions Ban Report : PandaNinja223

    Or, maybe you just really dumb =D
  18. isurdell

    Factions Ban Report : Hutchie34

    this shows nothing relating to ban evading xD
  19. isurdell

    Factions Ban Report : Serayne92

    makes sense