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  1. Cadetter

    No hard feelings?

    No hard feelings?
  2. Cadetter

    Final goodbye - iTrouserSnake/ Explodinrainbow

    I doubt anyone even reads this forum anymore, but I'll put this here. You may know me as iTrouserSnake, Smithy Boi, WhitePeople2k15, or Rowdy Roodoo, but most of you know me as Explodinrainbow. Back when I played Gontroller, when Gontroller was still active, I didn't have the best reputation. I...
  3. Cadetter

    Count to 10,000

  4. Cadetter

    Count to 10,000

  5. Cadetter

    Count to 10,000

  6. Cadetter

    Count to 10,000

  7. Cadetter

    Count to 10,000

  8. Cadetter

    Count to 10,000

    I get 2821 dollars an hour
  9. Cadetter

    How do you keep Gontroller alive?

    Use CPR
  10. Cadetter

    What is the best dream you ever had?

    One where I shagged your nan
  11. Cadetter

    Ghosts/Breach removed from the server + Drop party

    Claiming victory because they "raided" House of Legends I don't know if raiding is the correct word choice, as when "raiding" is happening, there is generally a 2 sided battle that takes place. No, no, no...... Instead, this faction took advantage of the server being down due to being DDosed...
  12. Cadetter

    BUYING zombie spawners,hoppers,and blaze spawners

    i have 6 zombies 40k each
  13. Cadetter

    BUYING Zombie spawners

    agree x1
  14. Cadetter

    BUYING Zombie spawners

    i got 6 so thats 300k?
  15. Cadetter

    Key Holder Spawners

    Damn. Are any new spawners ever gonna be added like ghost or guardian?
  16. Cadetter

    Implemented Add the nether to /f top

    not if you have a nether portal defense
  17. Cadetter

    Key Holder Spawners

    So basically these would only be obtainable by rare rewards (lucky vote, ore mining, fishing) and be REALLY rare, so they are worth like $5m when selling/buying them. They would only work in claimed territory in the nether, and would be 8x slower than the spawn rate at /north. The max spawn rate...
  18. Cadetter

    Add diamond / emerald ore to the shop

    Maybe add it as a vote reward, like a stack of it for 35 votes? Just some way of obtaining it. Also, you could add it as a MA arena reward.