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  1. Cadetter

    Final goodbye - iTrouserSnake/ Explodinrainbow

    I doubt anyone even reads this forum anymore, but I'll put this here. You may know me as iTrouserSnake, Smithy Boi, WhitePeople2k15, or Rowdy Roodoo, but most of you know me as Explodinrainbow. Back when I played Gontroller, when Gontroller was still active, I didn't have the best reputation. I...
  2. Cadetter

    How do you keep Gontroller alive?

    Use CPR
  3. Cadetter

    Key Holder Spawners

    So basically these would only be obtainable by rare rewards (lucky vote, ore mining, fishing) and be REALLY rare, so they are worth like $5m when selling/buying them. They would only work in claimed territory in the nether, and would be 8x slower than the spawn rate at /north. The max spawn rate...
  4. Cadetter

    Implemented Add the nether to /f top

    We have so much stuff yet we have number 1000 ranking with 0$. Our base is DEFINITELY not in the nether so don't you guys go looking for it, XDD!!!111
  5. Cadetter

    Add diamond / emerald ore to the shop

    It's pretty much impossible to get large amounts of diamond/emerald ore without xraying. So, I think it should be added to the shop for a high price, like 20k per 16. Emerald ore could be 30k per 16.
  6. Cadetter

    September rewards add +2 power

    Cause I want more claims. Problem?
  7. Cadetter

    Increase Coal Prices

    Plz. My Wither skull grinder is shit otherwise.
  8. Cadetter

    Does mining level affect spawner/hero drops?

    Does it? I had to get my faction mate with high mining level to mine a load of diamond ore for me because I wasn't sure. He kept all the fucking diamonds... and there was no spawner though. :(
  9. Cadetter

    BUYING Skeleton / Zombie Spawners

    35k for a skeleton spawner 45k for a zombie spawner
  10. Cadetter

    BUYING Bones

    5k an inventory (more than double of what selling at the shop would give you)
  11. Cadetter

    Fix Minestatus Voting

    It's impossible to be the top voter unless you like voting every 12 hours. Voting should be done all in one, not all spaced out in 12 hours, which most people can't do because they have a busy schedule. So I suggest that either: - votes are made so they can only go through minestatus once every...
  12. Cadetter

    RAF Recruitment [OPEN]

    Our faction, RAF, is recruiting. All of you brit players thinking I am recruiting for the real RAF, the title was just a bit of banter. ;) Also, we like to do airstrikes on people's bases. We are a strong faction with a unique base idea, and our base is the closest to unraidable on the server...
  13. Cadetter

    Ever noticed this in the Wolf of Wall Street?

    Start watching at 1:16 and look carefully. Here we have @Syed when he hit 1000 subs. #tbt