Factions Ban Appeal: diamond_poison


New Member
Dec 7, 2013
Your Username: diamond_poison
Previous Username(s): N/A

Ban Reason: X-Ray

Why should you be unbanned? Back in 2012, this was the first Minecraft server I ever joined. The world of Minecraft was fairly new to me and through my exploration of the game, I was unaware of the consequences of hacking. I was extremely new and naive to the rules of the game and did what I pleased. I played with one of my friends on this server, and thought nothing of the consequences of me having installed an X-Ray modification. At the time, I was relatively young, we are talking about 7th grade, pre-pubescent, here.

I remember installing the mod and thinking "Oh. This is cool. I can use this on servers and get diamonds." My first thoughts exactly as any kid would when he has the ability to discover the limitless amount of ores to them. Shortly after doing this, I got banned and rightfully so. I was in shock, tried to play it off by lying like a kid who thought he could outsmart the admins and moderators of the server, but boy, was I wrong about that. I recall getting destroyed by some admin with Samuel L. Jackson as his profile image from Pulp Fiction when trying to appeal my ban, and everyone proceeding to roast me in the comments of it since I tried to use the argument of "I was going to buy a rank here, blah blah blah." Needless to say, did not work.

After the ban, I tried to appeal after 1 year, but was unsuccessful and re-reading the message again, good lord was it one of the most half assed attempts ever to try to get unbanned. I attached the link here if anybody wishes to read it. I moved onto another server, but to my demise, it is in pretty bad shape now, running only Skyblock instead of the other six servers it used to host too.

Do I deserve to be unbanned? Not for my actions no, but I figured, some six years after the original ban, I should at least try once more time to try to get unbanned here before completely moving on. My original actions I made were unfound and clearly outlined within the rules to never do. I am nearly 20 now (I am old, I know), and do not act this way like I used to in middle school when I got this game.

Should I be given a second chance? Perhaps, who knows. I deserved the ban as a middle schooler, for sure, there is no doubt about that. There is something that keeps drawing me back to this server, maybe because it was the only server I have ever been banned on and feel remorse for that? Who knows.

I am simply a college student looking for something fun to do over the summer, but hey, I get it, I don't deserve it since my prior actions dictate cheating and exploiting. Whatever the outcome, I will respect since I did regrettable and destructive things in the past. I figured I should try once more before completely giving up on this.

Thanks for reading.