Factions Ban appeal : iBillz


New Member
Feb 18, 2013
Username: iBillz

Previous Usernames: ZinXaTTy

Disconnect Message: Banned for hacks, no ban appeal

Date of ban: Roughly 3 years ago

Appeal: I know im just a nobody and the server could do without me i know that. I started playing on this serveryears ago and i can remember all the fun times i had raiding and training with my friends, it was the best time of my life. 3 years later and alot of time to away from server i just cannot give it up without a fight. I hope that none of what im saying goes to waste as alot of effort is put in to what im saying. I have grown as a person and had how badly my actions reflected in your eyes. I thought i was a semi/known player but after that there is no way i can bring back my honour. My wish is for you to allow me thje pleasure to play on your server once again. I am now 18 years old and even know i still smile at the thought of getting to play again. Please re think the decision.

I am truly sorry.

-- Jayden