Factions Ban appeal : Jdmjhope11


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Dec 23, 2013
Username: Jdmjhope11

Previous Usernames:

Disconnect Message: xray

Date of ban: 06/12/13

Appeal: I'm going to tell the truth On the day i was banned for using xray and i didn't care if i got banned as i was planing on quitting MC at the time but as soon as i was banned i know i Fudged up as i this was one of my favorite severer. i would like to say sorry for hacking on your server and would also like to say sorry to the other people that was effected by my hacks.
After that date i stoped playing for about 3-4 months and after i regretted what i did and now 2 years later i have got a new pc and have not downloaded hacks from that date.
Thank you For Reading

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