Factions Ban appeal : One4ThePrez


New Member
Mar 14, 2014
Username: One4ThePrez

Previous Usernames:

Disconnect Message: Forcefield

Date of ban: 1st April 2014

Appeal: 1. Why were you banned? I was banned do to using a hack known as forcefield.
2. Why should we believe you have changed as a player? It's been more than a year and a half since I've last played Minecraft. I would like to say that I have grown up and learned that cheating on a game is senseless.
3. Why do you believe we should unban you? I feel as though some people deserve second chances. I understand I messed before. The past is apart of me, but not who I am. I look at this ban as discipline. I have learned what cheating on this server will result in and that will steer me away from ever deciding to cheat again.
4. What does the community gain from giving you another chance? They will have another player on the server that fights fair, and will be fun to play with.
5. How do we know you will not continue as before? Because time has changed me, and as I stated before, would like to not be banned again. After I got banned from Gontroller, I pretty much completely fell out of Minecraft and would now like to come back and redeem my honor.

Thank you for hearing my plea