Factions Ban appeal : Prozzza


Jul 20, 2013
Username: Prozzza

Previous Usernames: Jazus, Prozza, Kavisel

Disconnect Message: You have been banned from this server for Autofishing.

Date of ban: 19th August 2014 09:35:24 PM

Appeal: I was banned from playing Gontroller for Autofishing. My account was very recently hacked, and I lost lots of mcmmo stats on that character, including fishing. I was trying to get my skills back up to what they once were, and the console caught me cheating.

I have changed in more than a few ways since I've been banned. I have grown up more, and realized how much fun I had playing on Gontroller with friends. When my account first got hacked, I didn't care if I would get banned or not. I already lost everything. But now I'm a lot smarter about things now, and realized that I should have just sucked it up and started over instead of cheating. I really, really want you to know that I wont make the same mistakes I did last time.

You should unban me because I want a chance to reconnect with some of my old friends and have a good time. I wont cheat, ignore the rules, be an ass, anything similar to that. I never really was that kind of person in the first place, and I don't like people seeing me that way. I'm really excited at getting another chance to play, and start clean. I want to take a boat deep into the ocean, and fish for REAL. I want to spend hours making huge ass bases and cactus farms. I miss all of that so much and think I finally deserve to get another chance.

I think I've always been a good helper to the community, will continue to be a helper. I make friends pretty easily, and I sometimes come up with some cool ideas for the server. I don't know if any of my friends remember me, but no one would be unhappy about my returning. Also, I vote frequently for the server and want everyone else to have as much fun as possible. One time I voted enough to buy myself up to the Donator rank(although I'm not sure that is still a rank).

If only I could list all the reasons I have changed. I'm ready to start fresh, and get to work. I want to get back into the awesome faction and pvp system. I want to talk to some old friends and see how they're doing. I have probably spent more time playing on Gontroller than any other server(and that's fairly impressive considering how much damn Minecraft I've played) and I haven't realized how much I enjoyed it until I was banned.

I am sorry if there is what seems like a lot of repetition in this appeal, as I've never been a great writer. But I think it gets to the point. Thank you guys a lot for taking your time to read this appeal and I know you will judge me fairly.

(Note: This is my SECOND appeal. A few months ago I decided to try and appeal but I did not put any effect whatsoever into the application. I hope that doesn't make a difference in this appeal, but I thought you should know anyways)

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