Factions Ban appeal : PsychoCreeperYT


New Member
Dec 1, 2013
Username: PsychoCreeperYT

Previous Usernames: ThEsHaNkEr127

Disconnect Message: You Have Been Banned From This Server For No Sir

Date of ban: Long time ago

Appeal: As a minecraft play i think that what i got ban for was not needed i spent so many hours on this server and i also donated to it but as you can see the server is slowly going down and you can see how many people you ban and for what for asking a question like how much would someone spend to buy my account?! as you can see i still havent sold my account and i was never going to it was just a question and i got banned.I made so many ban appeal but please just give me a chance i wanna join back into controller community because it was the best 2 years i spent on minecraft, Thanks