Factions Ban appeal : PvpLegendz


New Member
Jan 17, 2015
Username: PvpLegendz

Previous Usernames: maximilian66666

Disconnect Message: You have been banned from this server for Ban evading pvp_legendz

Date of ban: Middle of June/July 2014

Appeal: Dear Gontroller Community

Since my ban, I have played on many different server and I’ve never got banned for ban-evading. So it’s been around 24 Months ago I got banned on this server. I cannot remember what really happened that time, but I know that pvp_legendZ got banned for ban-evading patrik1dominik2, and directly after I’ve ban-evaded pvp_legendZ

I have tried my the best, to put me into this theme, so I can be unbanned, but eventually it came out that my appeal was denied. I was of course unsure of myself, but I would not give up. I talked to Carl about that there was a possibility chance to come back. He told me that I should get you to believe in me. Where I now also have employed me with this so long, and spent several hours of my free time to talk with Staffs, and write Appeals.

My "Appeals" are very different as you must have noticed but there is also a reason. 1 Year ago "Where i could enjoy the server Until i got banned" I had such a fun to play on Gontroller. In my recommended Appeals I lied, because like I said, I could not remember what happend this time. I tried to create my own stories, so I might have a greater chance to get unbanned . But it was a pretty stupid idea. In the last few weeks I wrote many different Appeals. But it was also because I never got any answer. I understand you that you not had time to talk with me about some ghastly Appeals, and would not to go deep into the matter.

I do not know how to make you believe in me, if I can’t remember what happened that time. So it will probably be problematic for us both. If the appeal is denied, I will probably give up and are forced to accept that I do not have a chance to get unbanned. I will not do something to the server (Like Spam,racism,advertesting) I will just be a normal player who enjoy the server with his friends. Skeggs I hope you can pinch with an eye together, and let your heart go the right way. I apologize for my embarrassing construction "With that i lied in my Appeals"

I can say the most people change by the time. They’ve learn about their mistakes, and will try to do their best, to come back on the server. In my world I think almost everyone deserves a second chance. Even though they had made stupid things, like me. I know that I have not been very faithful to you. However there has been now, gone 13 months. 13 Months is quite a long time, been banned, and I think the most had change there mind, will respect the rules, and have learned that they have to take better care, of what they do.

This is not my first appeal, but my final. I have tried to get unbanned by Skeggs, but denied, denied, denied. This is my final appeal, and if i also get rejected by Bestle, i will give the whole thing up. Unlucky for me):


Wow sorry for the appeal spam, idk it were glitching for me..