Factions Ban Appeal: swiftdart5


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Jun 21, 2013
Your Username: swiftdart5
Previous Username(s): flagstad/infinitygamer007/hillbillyc

Ban Reason: not specified

Why should you be unbanned? hello i am writing this with permission of swiftdart5 because i have better english than him.

Appeal: I am sorry that what I have done wrong to this server by talking in discord, I have lied to the server that I was the one who talked in voicechat, I felt surprised though by using a [Buy] sign to get items, then that was a bug abuse I was probably didn't know 100%. So I have now understand about not talking in discord. I should be unbanned because I understand about the expectations to your community and being a raw member not allowed to speak.
From that time, I was banned for over 5 months and I have never received a 2nd chance of this appeal. I know that I only have the chance to stay in the server once. I know that after I blew it up the 2nd time I won't be able to join your community again. So that's why I will understand about the rules and expectations.
About talking in discord chat, I did report some morons besides this one but somehow I didn't want to report this moron because I want a staff rank. I wanted to and people were asking me for money for truce. I am really sorry that I what have done to people and I know that it has been fixed. I will watch the discord chat more carefully as I go on. I've now understand about speaking better and can pay attention even more. I lied about the server about what's happening to the server and why I do this. I am sorry Bestle for doing this but I am promise that I won't do it again when I come back on the discord.
Finally, I love your discord server Gontroller because your discord server has awesome staff members that enjoy incest porn and are ex cons that I love and all sorts of things I would like to do. Although I want to be unbanned for the 2nd time, I will try my best to stay away from the punishment. I like custom items because they are colorful and they are cool to me in my opinion. I would like you to thank you for reading this since I missed you all Gontroller players <3. I hope I deserve a 2nd chance for all the things I have wrote down in this appeal. AND I hope this server grows as I stay online.

Thanks for Reading <3
Sincerely, swiftdao5
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Dec 23, 2012
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
I appreciate the heartfelt honesty and the bravery that it took to open up so much in this appeal, however I feel at this time I simply cannot, within my heart accept such an appeal for it would be a disingenuous act. I cannot forgive you within my heart for you have broken it into a million tiny pieces with your betrayal. I want to forgive you, I truly do but I cannot see how going forward I could do such a thing.