Factions Ban appeal : thexonlyx1


New Member
Dec 24, 2012
Username: thexonlyx1

Disconnect Message: You have been banned from this server for Forcefield - appeal @ gontroller.com

Date of ban: 12/23/2012

Appeal: There is no doubt that i was in fact forcefielding. I am deeply sorry for my actions and to be honest did not realize that this server actually had decent non-hacking members. Words can not express my regret for ever hacking and i can not make amends for my mistakes without saying sorry. If you find a reason to un-ban me, i can solemnly swear that i will not use any hacks and or clients to cheat.

-My deepest sorrys and apologies, please find it in your heart to forgive me.
- Thexonlyx1