Factions Ban appeal : vanillacraft2002


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Oct 17, 2015
Username: vanillacraft2002

Previous Usernames: adamjackbaker1

Disconnect Message: you have been banned from this server for hacked client

Date of ban: 12th April 2013 02:34:45 AM

Appeal: I want to be unbanned because it was such a long time ago and I just donated as I got banned.

The reason I used a hack client is because my friend came round and said that he shall show me this now I am not friends with this child and I wasted money.

This was my favourite server.

I am now 17 an much more mature.

There is not much that I can offer the community apart from giving all the advice I can and help others in many ways that i can.

As I said i am much more mature now and i am not willing to loose this great server, i also have learned from my mistakes and hoping that you are willing to let me have a clean slate.

I realy wish that i didn't do this as i have let my other friends down that love this server as wish that i could play with them.

I know that i should have not done this that is why i am hoping you will give me a second chance and let me prove myself towards this server

i realy wish that you will forgive me

I know that this is not very long but I wish that you will take into consideration that I am realy sorry and wish for no hard feelings throughout the year.

Also I would like to say sorry to all the staff that I may off caused disruptions for
I will never think of using this once more.I am just asking you to think about this.

I know that I may of not been loved by the community But I need time to gain there respect and play along side my fellow minecraftins and will never leave there sides.

Your sincerely Adam B

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