Factions Ban appeal : vImRytis


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Feb 28, 2015
Username: vImRytis

Previous Usernames: RoyalMathIV, MilkyWay258

Disconnect Message: You have been banned from this server for Forcefield Appeal @ Gontroller.com

Date of ban: Very long time ago, well over a year I think. (Gontroller 6.0)


Hello, first of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Rytis , I am 15 years old and I live in the United Kingdom.

I was banned for using Forcefield in PvP. I understand that it was a major mistake from me and that it may or may not have impacted my life and how I view things that I enjoy, how I view people that have more power than me - not necesseraly strenghwise. When I got banned, I wasn't that sad,- I though that I will find another factions server and play on that. I have gone through this cycle several times before the ban, perhaps that's how I came across to find Gontroller. I remember getting banned on every server I played for using all sorts of hacks and third party programs to give myself an advantage over other players. I did this to become more popular and looked up at. Being popular was my dream, and I would do almost anything to achieve it.

I came across Gontroller and I was playing it, I enjoyed it quite a bit, to the point where I would get told to go to sleep at 10 pm and continue playing till 2-3am. I was addicted. My computer wasn't the greatest and therefore I experienced lag, and other major problems, that would get in the way of me becoming popular in the community, which was my goal. I couldn't find raids or good factions, since big factions required lots of experience and skill, which I believed I had, but lag was getting in the way of it. I then went back to using hacks, to help me find raids, help me PvP, help me in general awareness and game sense. This was successful, yet not. It would give me the advantage above some players and I believed that people that could beat me were also hacking, which made me angry. This made me use the hack even more, I would not turn them off. This addiction to hacks and the game progressed into me being less social, less friendly and less favourable. During this time was when I got banned on Gontroller.

I couldn't find another server like this one, I couldn't have the same experience, and as a result, I stopped playing minecraft for a very long time - well over a year. I was playing a lot of other games such as League of Legends and CS:GO. I enjoyed them. I was looking for hacks for those games also and I wasn't successful in doing so, but I played nevertheless since a lot of my friends were also playing them and they were not hacking. After a very long time of playing I achieved a lot. I got Gold in League of Legends and got into Legendray Eagle on CS:GO. This made me realise that if you put effort into something, you can achieve whatever you desire. Competitive gaming was always favoured and loved by me, but CS:GO and LoL were getting boring for me. Then I remembered about Minecraft. I hopped on and found myself in a very sad and lonely atmosphere. Almost every server I tried to join I was banned on, and I started to think ''What if I have changed'' ''This was very foolish of me'' ''I have grown up''. These thoughts brought me to Gontroller, since that was the latest server that I got banned on, and Minecraft Factions is competitive, which is what I enjoy. I have helped myself to find lots and lots of memories that took place in this server. Most of the memories were negative, but there were some positives. I believe that I can turn it around - I believe that I have changed and that I can play the game for fun, not for popularity, since that, as I have found out, can lead to lots and lots of different problems.

I think that I have reflected on all of my mistakes and that I can learn from them. I believe that I can enjoy Minecraft, enjoy it in a different way. The way I enjoy LoL, or perhaps CS:GO. I believe that I deserve a second chance, and I can bring positive atmosphere to the server. I believe that I can change people's opinions on me and change the way I get looked at. I can talk to people, tell them that hacking won't get them anywhere, I know this from my own experiences. I think the community needs more positive people and I believe that I am one. I know for sure that I have changed. If I for any reason hack in the future, I deserve to be punished, since I have not stuck to my promise and I have let myself down. I am certain that this won't happen again and I will not let myself down once again. After all, I am responsible for my own actions, and I believe that I have grown up. I think that all of my mistakes should be forgotten since I am a different person. If you guys, the people above me are in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask me more. And if this all ends on a happy note, please feel free to monitor me for a few weeks or months after my unban.

I want you to decide for yourself if I deserve an unban, I believe I do, and if I don't I guess I had my chance before I got banned and I will have to move on. I believe that everyone makes mistakes and they should be given a second try. And as Albert Einstein once said ''Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not to define you.''

Thank you for your time, I respect your decision, whatever it may be.

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