Factions Ban appeal : Volcan369JDS


May 21, 2014
Username: Volcan369JDS

Previous Usernames: I have never previously had another username.

Disconnect Message: You have been banned from this server for Hacked Client

Date of ban: 24 of June

Appeal: Well, after 3 months of absolute boredom, here I go.

Gontroller was the first server I ever played on, the first, and by far the best. Wether its working hard to create a game changing masterpiece defense, or its teaming up and conquering, in the end, it’s all fun. Playing factions has taught me many things over the years, teamwork, dedication, and above all, undying friendships. This server was and will always be my favorite server. I miss all the good factions, fun pvp and mob arena. I have tried moving to a different server and “Getting over Gontroller”, but I just find that impossible. Gontroller is home to me, it always will be.

I purchased an upgrade to God rank shortly before being banned. I do not regret my decision even a little bit. I understand that I was doing the wrong thing by obtaining and using hacks on your wonderful server. I do feel extremely bad, I have removed all my hacks, and will never install them again. I feel ashamed at myself for being dragged into hacks. I have lost all hopes of entering a good faction, and being trusted. I have lost whatever little bits of a reputation I had, and I have to start from the bottom. I feel bad for letting my faction friends down.

The week I was banned, I was having exams, and was extremely stressed out about my application into Chaos. I also had my Music exam and was just stressed in general. I understand that this doesn’t change what I did, and I understand that what I did was stupid and irresponsible, however, I know that I have changed. I am certain that if you give me a second chance, you will not be disappointed.

It was extremely irresponsible of me to download hacks in the first place, let alone use them. I will never ever use hacks again, I have learnt my lesson.

So please, forgive me of my mistakes, wipe my slate clean, and give me one more chance, please.

Thank You For Taking Time Out Of
Your Day To Read My Ban Report.