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Nov 22, 2015
Username: YourLightmare

Previous Usernames: xxReginaldxx

Disconnect Message: "You have been banned from this server for Hacked client"

Date of ban: About a year ago, I do not remember the exact date.

Appeal: About a year or so ago, I got banned from Gontroller for using a hacked client. It was a very dumb mistake of me, and it happened because I was so frustrated that every single time I tried to go for a key holder I would always be killed by other consistent players. I then turned to the least rational thing there probably is, a hacked client to gain an advantage over the others who have devoted so much time and effort to achieve what they have. I could and should have put more effort into developing my account, or made some allies to help defend against these players, but I didn't. And after a few minutes of using it, I got banned.
I was having so much fun with this server because of all of the unique things it has that no others have, like the competition for getting a key holder grinding spot, the adrenaline as you attempt to escape from the grasps of a player killer, and just the key holder system itself. It was these things that kept me playing on the server.
Once I got banned, my friend and I thought it was no big deal, and that we would find a different server just as good. The only problem- there wasn't any other server that had anything like the system that you have. It's special and adds another aspect to factions other than just 'run around for 20 minutes until you find a base and then creeper egg it to death'. It had competition and a risk/reward system. All of these special things that no other server has is what caused me to search for about an hour , desperate to find the name of the server I loved and played on daily. I realized that a server as amazing as this one is irreplaceable, and was desperate to find a way to play again. I have so many fond memories of the weeks I was able to enjoy the server to it's fullest. My friend, who also got banned shortly after we decided to download a hacked client, and I always used to do a system we called "Spoils of the War", where we took iron armor and went out next to spawn and killed as many people as we could, having an entire vault of loot we got. After that, we decided that from now on we would only be able to use the loot of others to kill more people whenever we decided to do this. We somehow managed to kill a player that was pretty much maxed out, enchantment wise. It was probably the happiest moment we shared together on the server :p.
I decided to never use a hacked client because it just takes away from the fun of minecraft, and any other game you choose to hack on. If you ever get caught, you just speed away instantly. You can never get surprised by an attack from behind because you can see everywhere. As a former Realm of the Mad God player (if you know what that is), I can say that hacking definitely takes away from the fun of the game. Realm of the Mad God is a game where about 70% of the community are hackers, scamming people, never dying. It makes the players who worked hard to achieve what they earned feel like they just wasted their time, and I realized this and never want to hack again. It would really make my Thanksgiving to be able to enjoy the server I once and still do, loved. My friend, TODDMAN16, and I both agreed that we wouldn't do anything as irrational as we did before, and on behalf of both him and I, I ask that you un-ban us.

I am not sure if I can appeal on his behalf, or if he has to submit his own appeal, but I can say on behalf of both of us that we deeply regret hacking on a server as unique and precious as this one.

Thank you so much for considering this appeal.
EDIT: KillshotXD copy pasted my ban appeal word for word, just to clarify, I posted mine first. I do not know him.

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