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The Boss
Dec 22, 2012
This is a general overview of the Gontroller Forum rules that all players must adhere to but is by no means encompassing of every possible punishable situation, we advise players to use common sense wherever possible and if you have any doubts or issues about specific rules do not hesitate to contact staff. Staff will always have the final say.

  • General Respect: Players should respect both staff and other players. Trash talking and general chat is expected but should not be pushed to a level that would be considered bullying. Remember that there is a difference between banter and excessive abuse.
  • Cheats: No discussion or sharing of hacks, cheats, glitches or exploits of any kind. If you find anything which may fall into these categories please report the post, contact a member of staff or create a support ticket on Discord.
  • No Advertising: Directly promoting another Minecraft/Discord server is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to posting the server IP/link and encouraging other players to join the server. Casually talking about another server and mentioning its name alone is fine, but we will always recommend using private messages for such situations to avoid any possible advertising issues.
  • Spam: Avoid spamming posts or replies unnecessarily. This includes creating multiple, repeatitive posts within a short timeframe, creating excessive unnecessary replies to an existing post, spam rating posts or threads of users. You are permitted to advertise your own YouTube / Twitch channels as long as their content relates to Gontroller and are posted within the correct media section on the forums.
  • Inappropriate URLS: Avoid posting URLs and links to websites that are inappropriate for a Minecraft server. This includes but is not limited to Pornography and Gore websites, Phishing Websites, Websites designed to grab other players IP and location information, Spam and Referral websites. You are welcome to post and share YouTube and Twitch links (Preferably those related to Minecraft / Gontroller) as long as they are in the correct forum section. If you are unsure if you are allowed to post a certain link, contact a member of staff.
  • Item, Money and Coupon trading: All Gontroller related trades must be kept in-game, trading for real life money or other digital goods is strictly prohibited.
  • Impersonation of a staff member: Don’t impersonate any member of the staff team, this includes pretending to be staff in order to gain the trust of another user or creating / renaming accounts to be similar enough to staff to confuse players. Although staff members can be easily identified in a number of ways, it is disallowed to pretend or act as part of the server’s staff team for any reason. This rule also applies in-game and on discord.
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