Gontroller Update


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Jun 6, 2013

Gontroller Update

We have seen and appreciate all of the interest many of you have shown in the server following the release of our first teaser trailer back in March, and are finally ready to give out more information. We realise this update is long overdue, but we are confident that we can deliver a factions experience which you can't find anywhere else.

In order to bring something truly new and exciting to this stale game-mode, we decided very early on in the process to offer a server based on a modern version of Minecraft. Not only does this provide an abundance of new vanilla content, it also brings some much needed unfamiliarity to a game-mode with a now stagnant formula.

We will be launching Gontroller Factions using a base Minecraft version of 1.13.2 with Skyblock to follow at a later date. We will be supporting all client versions from 1.7 to 1.14.2 but we highly recommend the most recent version that supports all of your favourite mods (which right now is probably going to be 1.12.2).

The two core pillars of any Factions server are cannoning and PvP, and we wanted to make sure that we offer something that is both familiar but also augmented by the new features available.

Cannoning will work much as it does now on whichever Factions server you play and your existing cannons will work without any modifications.

PvP uses the old combat mechanics that you are already familiar with from before the contentious 1.9 combat update changed everything. Of course there are new potions, arrows and other features to explore.

Cannon Server & Hub PVP Opening
We will be opening the Hub (with PvP) and cannon server tomorrow at 5:00PM EST (9:00PM UTC). These will serve as testing environments for you to explore both the PvP and cannoning and also let us know of any issues while we continue to work on bringing Gontroller Factions to life.

Click HERE to find the exact launch time for your Timezone.

Server IP: play.gontroller.com

You can find more information about these changes on Discord in the #factions-faq channel.

Mod Pack Information

In order to make the process of playing on a newer client as painless as possible, especially for those with little experience using mods, we have created a custom Gontroller mod pack based on Minecraft 1.12.2.

Note: The modpack is running 1.12 mods due to Schematica not currently being available for newer versions. We will look to update further as soon as possible.

What mods are included?

Xaeros Minimap
World Edit
BspkrsCore and LunatriusCore are also both included.

You can find out more information about and download this mod pack from:

We plan to continue our partnership with Badlion Client, and can also confirm that the next release of Badlion Client will also include the schematica mod!


We hope you enjoy making use of the modpack and testing out the mechanics of PVP and cannoning. If you find any issues, please inform a member of staff as soon as possible. More information and updates will be coming soon!
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Mar 5, 2020
it is still not up and I paid money for a rank I don't know if I can get back
I highly recommend trying to do a chargeback via paypal, or whatever you made the payment through. The massive flop and blatantly ignored questions by the staff pretty much makes the entire thing into a giant hype scam.


Dec 23, 2012
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
I highly recommend trying to do a chargeback via paypal, or whatever you made the payment through. The massive flop and blatantly ignored questions by the staff pretty much makes the entire thing into a giant hype scam.
No server store was ever released for the Gontroller relaunch, so no ranks were purchased by any member.

Additionally, no questions are being intentionally ignored by staff, all staff members are just as much in the dark as what happened or is happening with Gontroller as you are, so have no answers to give right now. Sadly everything appears to be dead in the water or stuck in limbo at this point, so until we hear an update from the Owners themselves nobody has any answers to give and staff members remain just as disappointed as you.