How famous is the person above you? (Forum Game)


Jan 12, 2014
Rate 0-10 on how many times you have seen the player above you in-game or on the forums.

0 - Never have seen you before.
1 - Who are you again?
2 - I've seen you once before, I think?
3 - I don't know who you are, but I've heard of you from somewhere..
4 - Hmm, I've seen you once or twice..
5 - Hey! I remember you from somewhere!
6 - Seen you a lot in-game and forums.
7 - You are very popular!
8 - There is no way I don't know you.
9 - Everyone knows you, you're famous!
10 - OMG! It's you!

Post your rating on the user above and leave a comment if you wish, post as many times as you want(for different people though, of course).

I joined the forum about a week ago and only have been playing since October so I don't expect much more than a 0, haha.

(Credits to Sony forums, found it and modified it a bit.)