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Jul 20, 2014
Map Length

I think maps should last around 4 - 6 months and I have a few ideas that could make a map interesting enough to make it last long enough. Please feel free to include some input on my ideas as I believe iron sharpens iron and we could possibly get a good discussion on why or why not maps should be longer.

1. Start the map with a world border of 2k x 2k. After 2 months increase the border by 3k so it would be 5k x 5k. This would accommodate factions who aren't in it for the long run and wish to only play for 2 months. While factions who will play until the server resets will have 4 sided base.

2. The map should have something to keep the players entice. I really like the idea of having bosses that drop loot. I think it would be a great idea to mimic what cosmic did with bosses.

There would be 3 different bosses
1: one will be spawn every hour in warzone wherever there are the most players. Players will be able to stack in parts of the warzone to have a greater chance of it spawning on them

2: Players will be able to buy boss eggs from buycraft for a high price, but loot will not be any better than naturally spawned bosses

3: Under every castle there is always a grinding spot with mini mobs to kill for a chance at something. For every 2 hours a faction holds castle a legendary boss spawns with loot better than the other 2.

Loot would include: Better weapons, Better Armor, Rare Enchants, and legendary Misc.

Maze Dungeons. There would be a huge maze under spawn that would have secret pockets with mini boss fights players can do to gain; gear, potions, money, ranks, and mcmmo levels. The deeper a player goes the harder the mini bosses will be and the better the loot they will earn. At a certain level players will need groups to help them defeat the final boss which could drop anything from a top rank to a buycraft voucher. The final boss should only be opened once a day.

4. Max faction size 15 - 25. I think having smaller factions creates more action in factions. If a faction wishes to grow they can buy upgrades to expand their party. My best memory of faction was when a few buddy of mine and I decided to start playing on daegonner and our faction was small, but we had the best time.

Minimizing the size of factions as well as decreasing the amount of allies factions could have. I think I have played every different style of faction servers over the years, but the one I haven't seen is small faction maps. I have seen on some HCF servers where players are forced to only have 8 or 14 players in their faction and those always had the best play.

I think big factions just create meaningless interactions yes the big group fights and raids add some spice to it, but between all that the faction is basically dead to one another. In smaller factions communication is a lot easier because you just need to tell 2 or 3 people and the whole faction knows. When a big faction needs their discord to be spammed with @everyone or @here for something to get a crossed to everyone.

5. Regenerating walls. Regens were removed back in the day because they were too much of a hassle to get through, but I believe now that factions has evolved to a certain point we can reintroduced them to the server. Most players say they can be 1 shot yes they can, but it adds another aspect to cannoning that I think everyone should know or learn.

Those are my best 5 ideas that I have for gontroller to be able to have longer maps without the player base dropping as much.
Again if you have any thoughts or input for my ideas feel free to express yourself